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Self Love is the Journey

Lately, I've been wondering about the quote, 'you cannot truly love until you love yourself first'. Is it too much of a cliche to be true? What levels are there to this kind of love and can we really place our innate human desire to be loved and accepted by others in the same category as our own self-worth? We've all experienced instances where somebody's compliment, even a strangers, can make your whole day. This is just one of many circumstances that can determine where our minds sit and often it may seem they are completely out of our control. It was at the beginning of lockdown last year that I finally set myself the time to think about what things not just bring me joy but a sense of contentment. As what I and a lot of the people around me had been doing before (seeking a constant state of happiness) is not only an unrealistic expectation, to be happy all the time, but it can be overwhelming and tiring. Happiness all the time, this goal to be 'happy' is quite frankly unacheivable. Contentment on the other hand, through fulfilling activities has a place in our every day.

Where this starts is setting yourself up with opportunities to see your own worth. Placing ourselves into situations that bring contentedness and outward vision to look forward to things, no matter how simple is the key loving ourselves and the life that we are surrounded by.

I've put together a list of things that make me smile and feel positive in the hopes that they will make you smile too. Let us know what things are on your list and be sure to make your own. Stick it on your fridge so that even on your most stressful and strenuous days there are pieces of contentedness waiting for you within reach.

Some of these are simple, said a thousand times before and that's okay. It's about reminding ourselves of the simple pleasures in our lives.

Note: Accept the simplicity in the process of doing these tasks for yourself

✧ Rewatching my favourite movie (Suddenly 30) or series

✧ Making myself a lemon ginger tea or matcha latte

✧ Reading a book

✧ Lighting a candle and having a bath

✧ Cloud watching

✧ Journaling without any pressure to write or draw anything great just whatever comes to mind

✧ Calling a friend on the phone and making plans to meet

✧ Going for a walk

✧ Making a new playlist

✧ Painting my nails a new colour or my favourite colour at the moment

✧ Writing lists like this about all kinds of different things

✧ Creating mood boards on Pinterest (I like to make one for every month and also all kinds of different feelings and projects I'd like to do)

✧ Start a new craft (recently I taught myself to crochet on youtube, I'm working on a blanket)

✧ A long shower where I deep condition my hair and exfoliate from head to toe

✧ And of course, getting my hair done

The key to loving yourself is not about whether other people will love you for it but whether you will. The people you will meet and compliments received along the way are just a worthwhile bonus.

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