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Biscuit Brunette? Big Yes

Warmer weather often evokes desire for some kind of hair change. We often see big chops, bright colours, and an array of sun-kissed highlights in the months leading to December and its festive days. Whether you plan on spending your summer getting salty or bathing in a cool air-conditioned breeze with a sweet drink in hand, a little hair alteration is one of the best ways to celebrate the end of a long year.

So, what's there to do for the brunettes who are already loving their warm, chocolate, mousy hues? Yet are still craving a little something extra without losing the gorgeous parts of being a brunette they already love. It's a conflicting feeling and one that doesn't go away. One that the trendy 'biscuit brunette' is the perfect remedy for.

Biscuit Brunette is trending on the other side of the world as they head into their cooler weather. But over here in sunny Australia, it’s inspiring the perfect no-fuss colour option that reflects a neutral, sun-kissed look you can choose to grow with your hair or enhance throughout the party months. It’s the kind of colour that always looks good and that’s exactly what we want over the festive season.

Currently, the queen of rocking these cool tresses is Hailey Bieber as she’s recently come to the dark side, gradually by embracing her natural cool brown tones. Hailey’s hairstylist, Amanda Lee perfectly executed this colourway for her and has posted lots of stunning photos to bring to your next hair appointment.

You may have seen on Instagram we've been doing quite a lot of this look in-store, here is a favourite of ours by the talented Ashleigh from our Mt Gravatt store in Brisbane.

Hailey isn’t the first to flaunt this biscuit brunette do. It definitely had its moment in the 90s debuting on the likes of Jenifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, Denise Richards and more. The team at Mode have found all our favourite ‘biscuit brunette’ looks and put them into a Pinterest board for you to scroll through and screenshot for all the best inspiration. Trust me, your stylist is going to be elated to freshen up your look in such a gorgeous way.

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